It's always so lovely to sneak up to the kitchen, to open the fridge and look into it for no particular reason, to look into the pantry storage and make a mental note of the things needed to replenish it with. I find kitchen to be a great comfort zone, especially in my own kitchen. Early evenings when I can free myself from work, I just go round about flicking on the light switches as if it were a ritual. Then I bask in the glory of the lamp's lights for a while; often and for no reason I find myself smiling as I look at my painstakingly collected heavy apothecary jars containing the staples, the folded kitchen towels and aprons resting in the wicker basket and the recycled beer bottles turned to vases holding the sunflowers and the christmasy red and white mittens. 
Yes, I do look down at the plastic boxes and bottles to and tell myself that someday soon I'll only, exclusively and absolutely have Apothecary boxes for I love them. i absolutely dote on them! One day soon! Sigh!
Having Ooohed and Ahhed over my kitchen treasures, humble and few as they are now, I hunt for the cozy breakfast nook in my house that doubles up as a dining area at night. I light another lamp and tidy the floral cushion and plop it up my back as I sit down to ponder a while about dinner! Such a great tension of life that is - what am I going to cook for dinner?

Then to calm me down I seek some more comfort, this time in the form of comfort drink - and tea does just fine for me ...
I seat myself and look at the large fishbowl filled with precious sea shells (a blog post coming up on that very soon) and look at the paper wrapped bread I have bought from the baker and let my tea cool just a little before I sip it down.

Meanwhile I get busy thinking about dinner...

How do you plan your meals? Isn't it a hassle... to plan.. sometimes it is, no??

As for me, I'll seek some more kitchen comfort... that might help :)

For now,


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