Tucked a little away from the may town area is the beach side suburbia of Pondicherry with a thriving French population coexisting with the Tamils side by side. 

On a sultry sea side afternoon I decided to take a wake on these pavements beside the shore and such a lovely walk it was indeed! Even though the sun was blazing hot, there was a lot of shade too. Cyclists wearing hats, and a few dare devils on their scooter paddled and raced past. 

Sun kissed and day dreaming a little, as I usually do, I went on my way, and one after another I spotted quite a few places where cycles were parked or used. It was beautiful! The more people take to cycling as opposed to motor vehicles (and esp for short distances) the more we can keep our earth beautiful. 
The picture below is in front of the courthouse. There are only two cycles here, probably of the court clerks, how I wish there were a bunch of them! 
The state government too is doing its bit slowly now, making cycling lanes for cycling enthusiasts who travel more that 22 kms a day to and from office. Huge billboards painted to show cyclists' lane are at certain corners back in the city, and there are also places where you have to make a meagre deposit of INR 500 and you may borrow a cycle for a year! But, that's all back in the city...

In Pondicherry the roads are so clean, the government didn't have to do much as the citizens themselves are so proactive... The picture below is an example of another clean and pretty street adorned by the resting bicycle...

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