We went to a butterfly park this weekend! It was wonderful. The dome inside which the many butterflies nest and house and have their own little corners in the world, their own little paradise was absolutely stunning! The main gate itself, as you may see, has a beautiful butterfly like flap doors decorated above the entrance door. In a spartan ground with gardens on each side and a small green house to the left, this dome of the nesting winged fairies imposes herself. It was breathtaking!
We even spotted a monarch butterfly inside. There was a complete garden with pools and a bridge inside the building. Water was constantly being replenished and there were no stagnant waters or any drone of breeding blood sucking mosquitoes around, just the gentle, subtle whispers of the many flights the butterflies took around their little paradise.
And above, on the ceilings, there were these small pots hung upside down where the butterflies would go in and sleep once the day was over. Tall banana trees and their leaves went up to the high ceilings of the dome to graze the wings of the dancing butterflies. Oh! Such delicate things they are and such lovely harbingers  of joy! 

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