Of all the hours in a day, I think it is the afternoons that are most neglected. For me, I love the afternoons. It's that restful time between our rushed mornings and the much anticipated evenings that allows us some time to breath.

Some sleep during these hours, few others are engaged in their cubicle slots of a distant corporate world, some have a strict routine, others spend time in libraries or running errands or going out for a walk on a shaded avenue. It's really nice to watch the world go by. And it is best during these quiet afternoons to do so. 

It is also good to not have set routines, but do anything any one day of the week. Routines are boring, don't you think? A tad bit boring, yes? Sigh! 

Of all the things I enjoy the slowly mellowing sun, the frantic chirping of the birds mellow down to a hum, a snail slowly crosses over a tendril bridge, I slug most of the time, and at other times I do what I like best - rearrange things - a bit here, a bit there, brush, dust and clean a little, check on the drying laundry under the sun (it's always so nice to touch crisping clothes under the glare of a good sunny day!).  

In this picture I have tried to decorate a window sill. Notice the grilles, they are an old world charm and that too painted in white. I absolutely love white backgrounds. It allows you to display colors with teeny tiny objects and are very good at attracting enviable attention. I had bought the the aromatherapy jar from a bookstore near home two years ago; it still holds beautiful, scented oils above the tea lit lamps, a bit of scrub every now and then to rub off the grease. The two little mutts looking cheerily at the sun I picked up from a kids' store. The red curtains came from another corner of the city and the faint beady light bulbs that you may see slithering down the red curtain cloth was picked up during Christmas! The cane chair that you may faintly see, that too, was from another corner. A friend had once commented on how every bit of the house represents my shopping spree in different corners of the town!

Well, off for more foofing and dusting.. then I'll have think of a magical dinner too!

Until then,
Me :)

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    Hello! The idea of this blog was born during one of those contemplative rainy afternoons when you are just amazed with the beauty all around you and decide to share it with the world. Yes, it was one of those crazy moments when the idea of Winters and Warmth was born... And now that you are here, I hope you find your visit interesting! Welcome. 


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