An afternoon at a Buddhist monastery is more calming than anything else in the world, for me, at least! It is awe inspiring to see little kids learning about their religion with such great dedication from such an early age. More than the religion I think it is the way Buddhists conduct themselves as a human being that appeals to me the most! They are, by far, one of the most culturally evolved civilisations of our times thriving in non violence, making do even in the harshest terrain. For me it is a mystery as to what seeps into them from their practices and religion that shapes them to have such cheerful, polite and calm demeanors even in the most abject of surroundings...
At the entrance is the picture of the Dalai Lama himself gracing the front wall of the monastery. The structure looks like a miraculous building that has come to life from a fairy tale book, and the people within are just so quiet and yet look so intelligent as if guarding an age old secret that might be lost if that indulged in purposeless banter in such a holy place.
I had been very fortunate to capture this rare moment of childhood that the young lamas still possessed. They danced their dragon dance unaware of a curious photographer looking at them as if she had found the isle of Serendip itself! These little children are the carriers of the resilience and tenacity of their parent's faith in a God, for they are sent to become lamas at a very, very young age - a age of frolic and wonder that, for them coincides with the world of matured learning of religion and compassion.
Animals are revered  The Buddhitsts, and Bhutan stand as an ardent example of this practice, worship animals. They worship God in all things that live apart from the idols of Buddha himself, and they just don't say so. They practice it too, and that is the loveliest part!
Buddha, it has been said, will reincarnate into a female form of Maitri to save us humans from our sins. In the monastery, as may be seen above, are the three incarnations of Buddha including his future reincarnation of Maitri.

Such a pleasant afternoon of exploring the monastery premises it has been! I enjoyed it through and through. It was not just a spiritual experience, but learning to be content like the little lamas and doing their dragon dance is what inspired me the most!

What has inspired you lately?

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